A Case for Pink

a case for pink home accents

Whether you prefer your interiors minimal or all out eclectic, at this House we are firm believers that there is always room for a little of the candy coloured hue. 


Pink first rose to prominence as the top colour of Madame de Pompadour, one of Louis XV's mistress - she even had a specific shade of the color created and named for her by the Sevres porcelain company.  In the 18th century, this rich hue of pink came to be associated with the opulence of the Royal Court. 

Flower vase – Soft-paste porcelain, painted and gilded Sèvres, 1758 (image from wismag.com)

Pink was also a feature at the White House where former US first lady Marmie Eisenhower turned the White House pink so much so that the press corps began calling it “The Pink Palace”.  At this House, we salute Marmie and her love of pink.

From bubblegum pink coloured sofas to dusty pink velvet cushions, the colour most associated with femininity finds its way in to even the most chic of abodes.   London Restaurant Sketch and its signature pink interiors seen in the Gallery room have made it one of London's most iconic pink spots.   India Mahdavi, the designer of the space, has created an assertive, impactful space using pink in a novel way and it totally works…for working lunches, business meetings, girls cocktails, dates and even a solo celebration!


Sketch London

Sitting firmly at the top of My Uncle's hotel wishlist are some of the hotels which use pink in a way that makes us want to be there right now….from the Amanjena in Morocco which shows off, beautifully, architect Ed Tuttle’s pared down vision of a monumental Moorish palace to the super cute Colony Hotel in the United States with its signature double-scalloped umbrellas, cabana-stripe loungers and its pink beach buggy.


The Colony Hotel, Palm Beach 

Pink Skies & Hungry Eyes By Lucy Mahon                                                

pink stem cocktail glass kate moss pink hair




Pink Twirl Champagne Coupe

Bellboy Print by Anna Pihan

So until you are ready for your full flamingo pink bathroom install we have a few subtler ideas, Shop Our Suggestions here.