Heim Söhne - The coolest spoons in town

Never knew we could have such intense feelings for the humble spoon, that is.. until we met these guys. 

Introducing Heim Söhne, the makers of plexiglass spoons in a rainbow of colours. Handcrafted in Germany, a family business since 1862 and now presided over by the 5th & 6th generations - which we think is pretty cool.

Not only do these spoons bring a little spice to your everyday essentials, because of their handcrafted nature each one has a unique pattern that captures the light beautifully. Giving your morning latte a sense of enchantment. 

Spoons made from plexiglass in a mother of pearl finish

My Uncle's House loves the Tortoiseshell versions, you've got the nails, now give your cutlery drawer something to thank you for. 

Tortoiseshell long spoon Heim Sohne

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