Hotel Crush - Son Brull in the Northern Foothills of Mallorca

Next up in our travel series ‘Hotel Crush’, is the magical Son Brull located in Pollensa in the northern foothills of Mallorca.

Son Brull mallorca

The honey coloured building was originally an Arabic farmhouse in the 12th Century during the Arab rule, later becoming a monastery in the 18th Century, where Jesuit monks lived off the land and welcomed travellers in need of shelter.


Son Brull has retained many of those same values to this day with a focus on hospitality, food which is sourced and grown locally (much of it, in the beautiful surroundings of the hotel) where you will spy lemon tress and many other groves dotted across the property.

Son Brull Food Mallorca Relais


A Michelin star restaurant on site is where much of this is put to good use. Restaurant 365 serves up delicious culinary delights from the best of what Mallorca has to offer both on land and in its seas.


Son Brull reflects one of the best boutique offerings in Northern Mallorca. Style and history merge to create something that feels both rustic and homely while retaining a sense of laidback luxury.


Son Brull Mallorca

Local art is at the centre of the hotel and almost every room features unique pieces by Mallorcan artists. Equally as striking is the former olive mill which now houses the bar.  Interiors are essentially pared back, namely in monochrome with modern elements and clever touches but never fussy and all allow the landscape views to dominate your eye line.  The surrounding mountains in this area provide a dramatic and elegant backdrop to your vacation and as courtyards go, Son Brull perhaps has one of the prettiest (My Uncle couldn't stop photographing it!).

 Son Brull Pollensa

Another gem of Son Brull is the new and delicious private pool suites- kept in the hotel's style but offering some time to reconnect away from others, these are a welcome addition.

Pool Suite Son Brull Villa


My Uncle couldn't recommend Son Brull enough (My Uncle's top tip: pack some bubbles and spend an afternoon on a boat checking out the amazing houses on the North-East coast)!

Son Brull Pollensa Sailing