Hotel Magique the destination for adventurers and endless holiday dreamers.

Hotel Magique the destination for adventurers and endless holiday dreamers. 

Is it a hotel? No, Is it Magique? Absolutely.

Founder Milou Neelen created Hotel Magique after stumbling upon a piece of Japanese Momi paper and feeling compelled to create something that was connected to the world of exploration & Hotel hopping, she came up with the combination of the two words hotel & magique and the brand began to come to life.

A collection of art prints, cards, and hotel esque souvenirs that bring a glimpse of sunshine into your home all year round. 

Art Prints that welcome you like check in at a Parisian hotel ‘Bonjour Madame’ et ‘Bonjour Monsieur’ and slices of the big apple that serve as souvenirs that you would actually want to take home. 

Milou has excelled in creating a piece of the travel experience that you can bring into your very own abode, an idea that we at My Uncle’s House are very much onboard with, be it with prints, the fluffiest towels or pillowcases. 

Let’s not forget some very cool collaborations with brands like Sézane, Anthropologie and recently a coffee table book with photographer Anna Pihan, the different facets all come together to create a Hotel with a magical aesthetic that captures the fleeting moments of travel in a timeless state.

Can we check in anytime soon?  Well rumour has it that one day there will be a physical hotel that we can visit, I’ll take the largest suite…

My Uncle Asks

Milou Neelen from Hotel Magique took some time out of her day to answer a few of our questions.

MUH: What is your 'Hotel Crush'?

MN: One which is actually still on my must-visit list and for now still an online hotel crush - Hotel Lou Pinet in Saint-Tropez.


MUH: Best souvenir you have ever brought home? 

MN: So cliche but mugs. I buy a mug on each trip because I use them every day and they, therefore, bring back memories to each place every day.


MUH:Your favourite phrase in another language?

MN: Ceci n'est pas une pipe / This is not a pipe in French. It's the name of and part of a the 1929 painting by René Magritte. I love how random the text is and the typography used for this text in the painting.


MUHBest local breakfast?

MN: Living in Bali with an overload of amazing fruits my fave breakfast is a pitaya / dragonfruit smoothie bowl. My favourite bright pink breakfast.


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Image credits: Sezane, Hotel Magique