Based out of Amsterdam, LEPELCLUB was created after the founder Jill noticed a gap in the market for aesthetically pleasing teaspoons; picking up on the fact that very cool tea and coffee mugs were often accompanied by standard cutlery in stylish boutique hotels where everything else was highly curated.  Jill sought to create a spoon extraordinaire .

From there, LEPELCLUB was born with the brand’s name taking after these very creations – the word ‘Lepel’ means ‘spoon’ in Dutch. 


Jill has since added glassware, adorned with pearls (we are strong believers in accessorising) to the brand, What started with a spoon has now become a not-so-regular homeware collection aimed at encouraging us to find joy in the littlest things, a pop of pink in your morning coffee or a side of pearls with your Martini!


We stirred up a little matcha with Jill and asked her some very important questions:

MUH: Your favourite hotel on earth? (‘Your Hotel Crush”)
JS: I love to find rare places to stay! Marqi in Portugal is one of my favorites, everything is a bit strange and you can imagine yourself living in another century. You can have multiple crushes right? Halycon Hause close to Cabarita beach in Australia is also on top of my list.

MUH: Your cocktail of choice?
JS: Espresso martini! Especially, when it is served in a cocktail glass with pearls ;) 


MUH: Best souvenir you have ever brought home?
JS: Friendships! I love to travel by myself and meet new people. Through traveling, I have met some really close friends. 
MUH: Best local breakfast
JS: Starting the day early, with some fresh fruits and a cappuccino. 
MUH: How do you take your coffee?
JS: An espresso with some (oat) milk and I love to stir things up with a cute spoon. 
MUH:What’s your life motto?
JS: Chase your dreams and have some fun while doing it!



Let’s stir things up together!

Discover the LEPELCLUB collection at My Uncle’s House here.

Did you know all the artists we and many of the founders behind the brands we welcome to the House are female, as a Women owned platform we love supporting other creative women!