Meet the Artist - Anna Pihan

Anna Pihan


Anna Pihan, photographer and co creator of The Pleasure of Leisure book, grew up on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, and spends her time between Europe and Sydney.

The Pool Print Anna Pihan

Living in a perpetual state of exploration, Anna seeks aesthetic pleasure where-ever she goes. Accompanied by her cameras and plenty of 35mm film she invites viewers into her sunny world of leisure. Her warm gaze rests on luscious landscapes, glistening oceans and unexpected beauty in the ordinary.

Some Kind of Heaven Print by Anna Pihan

Anna Pihan's photographs encourage endless daydreaming, taking us from check in's at Luxurious California hotels to sun drenched coastlines in Italy.  An ode to leisurely days spent swimming, relaxing  and watching the world go by in a sun soaked haze. 

Anna's love affair with travel and a thirst to explore and experience new places and cultures leads to a collection of images from different corners of the world, but all installing the same feeling of wanderlust. 

Anna's work has featured in AD Spain, Condé Nast Traveler, Vogue Paris, Forbes and she is a contributor to print and digital publications internationally. Her work has been exhibited around the world including New York, San Fransisco and Melbourne.


 My Uncle Asks

Anna took 5 to answer some of My Uncle's House questions:


MUH: What is your 'Hotel Crush'?

AP: So many dreamy hotels, a favourite I’ve stayed at is Raes, in Byron Bay (Australia) which is also featured in our book The Pleasure of Leisure.

Raes The Pleasure of Leisure

(Image from the Pleasure of Leisure Book)

MUH: Best souvenir you have ever brought home?

AP: I’m always bringing home handwoven baskets and beautiful art/photography books. The best souvenir of all are the photographs I capture — being able to relive the memories through each frame and share them with those around me.

MUH: Best local breakfast?

AP: Espresso and cake for breakfast on the island of Ischia in the Gulf of Naples.

MUH: Your favourite phrase in another language?

AP: A German word ‘Fernweh' meaning longing for far-off places, the craving to travel. Literal translation is Far-sick.

All Anna's Prints are shot on film, find slight imperfections, grain and nostalgic tones - this is the beauty of film. Printed on thick environmentally-friendly paper with genuine archival inks, in a made to measure white wood frame.  

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