Lucy Mahon


Lucy Mahon is a Watford Born London based artist and illustrator.

Working in a mixture of mediums including pastel and pen, Lucy makes simple, classic and playful pieces of art and illustration.

Much of Lucy’s work is based around rituals and places that bring about comfort, nostalgia, happiness or a feeling of home. Spanning nature, architecture and experiences in between, they’re often visual love letters to the world we live in. 

My Uncle’s House loves that Lucy’s Pieces feel reminiscent of travels and act as souvenirs from trips gone by or adventures yet to come.

The Love Stories series were drawn while reminiscing on trips, loved ones abroad and love stories with these iconic cities.

From breakfast in New York to palm trees in L.A. Lucy's prints serve as snippets of memories from travel or feelings we have about places we have visited or long to go to. Deja Vu Breakfast in New York Lucy Mahon

Lucy's line drawings retain the hand crafted aesthetic of notes from loved ones or love letters to destinations around the world. The simplicity of black ink on paper feels familiar and almost like framing a visual letter from a friend. 

Lucy’s collaborations include Fortnum & Mason, Net-A-Porter, Print Club London and Squarespace.

My Uncle Asks

Lucy took a little time away from sketching to answer some of My Uncle's House questions:


MUH: What is your 'Hotel Crush'?

LM: Ace Hotel & swim Club, Palm Springs.


MUH: Best souvenir you have ever brought home?

LM: A red vintage letterman jacket from San Francisco (and lots of vintage paper ephemera in general). 


MUH:Best local breakfast?

LM: Getting up early for fresh fish at the fish market in Tokyo.


See the collection of Lucy Mahon's prints at My Uncle's House here. Each is a limited edition Print, signed and numbered.