SSHEPAINTS by British creative Ruby Hughes

Our newest addition to The Gallery goes by Sshepaints; a British creative named Ruby Hughes. 

Ruby’s work celebrates the small moments in life, taking inspiration from the everyday: glasses of wine, Sunday night pasta and memories with each other.  Ruby draws on the wonky imperfection that we find in little moments throughout our day.   

Ruby started her brand during lockdown, as a way to connect with people; she started painting people drinking Aperol Spritz and sipping coffees and began sending them around and noticed other people were sending them to each other too - and it all grew from there.

 Ruby's paintings are, in her own words, honest and relatable. 



Centering around the conversations and connections we have as people and drawing the beauty from the mundane from cups of tea, a morning chat, what you talk about with your girls when you’re sipping wine or a favourite recipe. 

At this House we love wine and pasta and art...

We took 5 with Ruby to ask some very important questions:

MUH: Your favourite hotel on earth? (‘Your Hotel Crush”)
RH:  I don’t usually stay in hotels! Quite honestly I absolutely adore renting a house if I’m away and being able to cook / make cocktails whenever I like! But if I had to say a hotel there is one in Sicily in this little town called Scopello. It’s a tumbling down old hotel with a gorgeous pool in the middle of the square, I’d say there! 

MUH: Best souvenir you have ever brought home?
RH:  Plates! Whenever I go away I always bring plates home, this summer I was in the south of France and I went to St Tropez and we got a dog bowl for our dogs water. Haha very extra but it’s beautiful and pale blue we carried it all the way back. 

MUH:  Best local breakfast?
RH: Having breakfast in paris, anywhere - pastry, espresso and orange juice is my ultimate fave. 

MUH: Your favourite phrase in another language?
RH: ‘l’Addition s’il vous plait ‘the bill please in French. I don’t know much French but this is very handy and I love how it sounds 

MUH: Whats your dog called?
RH: Freda

MUH: Your house dish? (Your go-to)
RH: it probably should be pasta as that’s all I paint about but I’d say Ramen, me and my boyfriend are obsessed and have it all the time. It’s our use whatever is in the fridge meal, throw whatever veg and make a warm broth. Delicious


See the collection here.

 Did you know all the artists we welcome to the House are female, as a Women owned platform we love supporting other creative women!