The Summer Table

summer tablescape gingham plates coloured glass

The Summer tablescape, our favourite kind of table at this house. 

Much less formal than the Christmas and Easter table, a little thrown together, a little mismatched but brimming with character. 

We love creating summer tablescapes - an opportunity to embrace colour and pattern on long warm days. 

A touch of mediterranean flare is always encouraged with lemon yellows and aqua blues, we love using citrus fruits to decorate alfresco tables, imperfectly placed lemons give a nod to classic sicilian lunches and when it comes to gathering for food Italians do it best!

See Sophie Bell’s beautiful table set up for a Italian soirée, complete with lemons, grapefruits and tomatoes!

sophie bell italian soiree table summer lemons tablescape

Image credit: Peppa Hart Instagram 

Flowers and linens can also be a great way to set the tone and bring in a chosen colour scheme, our go to is a clean white base and add in colour through glassware,  fruit and flora & fauna.  But going bold with tablecloths can be a joy for summer think stripes & gingham. 

 We also love mixing and matching plates and bowls for a homely, not too curated feel, hand painted plates in ceramic mixed with wooden pieces for a relaxed seaside aesthetic.  We never overlook cutlery at this house - bamboo has a beautiful lived in feel to it.  For salad servers and spoons look no further than our glorious Heim Sohne collection for beautifully unique pieces.

Lounging by candle light on balmy evenings creates the perfect ending to hazy days spent in the sun.  Taper candles in twists and colour can add a little drama and elegance to the set up.  

Curating tablescapes should be a joy to do, so most of all we recommend not overthinking it and choose pieces you love for your summer table! Most importantly invite family and friends, make delicious food and drink a little wine!

See some of our favourite summer tablescape inspirations below

summer table set up pink linen flowers
Blaca Miró does Gingham linen with hot pink edges and Lisa Danielle Smith creates the sweetest pink & yellow table set up for a summer get together.
lemon table cloth summer tablescape
Emily Yates shows us how to set up a table for a girlfriends lunch embracing all the colours and feels of the mediterranean. 
rustic table set up summer tableware party

Rustic, natural tables can also also be just as effective in their simplicity, see Rowan Blossom's perfectly french breakfast set up and Olive Cooke's use of curved, neutral serveware. 

Get your alfresco mood in full swing with beautiful glassware, plates that invite long, lingering lunches outdoors, and spoons and salad servers that spark conversation.

Our Summer tablescapes thrive with pattern and colour and we encourage you to mix and match for the most inviting set ups.


cool coloured glasses pastel gingham plate summer tablescape