Gentle Habits - This is Incense - Bells Beach

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Gentle Habits - This is Incense - Bells Beach

'Where the bush meets the Surf, eucalyptus and woody notes'

A dark and stormy incense scent with smoky eucalyptus undertones.
The Bells Beach incense was inspired by the place itself - a historic and spiritual location that oozes calmness and evokes daily rituals.

This is Incense is made with Australian Blended Essential oils, which will captivate you to grab an incense stick to burn the moment you open the box... let its warm, calming aroma glide out.

Scent notes: smoky wood,  eucalyptus and tea tree


Place incense stick in holder and ignite the tip. Burn for 5 seconds and then blow out the flame, allowing the stick to smoulder and fragrance the air. To extinguish dip stick in water or press top against hard heat resistant surface.

Incense sticks are delicate, handle with care.

Each box contains Sticks. Each stick burns for approx. 20 mins = total approx 30 hour incense burning time

Visit Gentle Habits Sound Studio and pair your incense burn with Gentle Habits playlist for an enhanced ritual experience 

BELLS BEACH Vol. 1 ◯ by Gentle Habits 


GENTLE HABITS - This is incense

The mission of Gentle Habits is to help you to find “moments of stillness, joy, movement, love, motivation and self-reflection.”

A collection of luxury incense inspired by places, rituals + muses for your daily Gentle Habits. Hand dipped from blended Australian essential oils.

Gentle Habits create products to prompt you to explore your own daily rituals, for creating space to become present, grounded and captivated by the everyday.  Find your favourite scent and take some time for you.



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