Heim Söhne Cereal Spoons in Apricot (Set of 3)

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Heim Söhne Cereal Spoons in Apricot (Set of 3)

Add a little colour to your Morning with the Heim Söhne cereal spoons in Apricot with a glossy finish. 

• Material: Acrylic
• Length: 19.5 cm 
• Dishwasher safe (only low temperature)


These fabulous spoons are handcrafted in Germany, by G.F. Heim Söhne, founded in 1862 and very much a family business to this day, currently presided over by the 5th and 6th Generations! High Quality and genuine artisan craftsmanship are at the core values of the company.

My Uncle's House loves that each product is cast by hand from acrylic Glass (plastic), in the traditional methods handed down through the family, resulting in beautifully unique colours and patterns, that very much bring something special to the everyday. 

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