Piatto di Pesce by Di Lunedi A3 Art Print

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Art print design by Elise Eales from Di Lunedi for Hôtel Magique.

A plate of sardines at Picasso’s table.

Elise first painted the original artwork on clay before using the same concentrated pigments of red iron oxide & cobalt to reproduce the drawings onto large sheets of paper.

Size A3 - 42 cm x 29.7 cm

This product is unframed

Hôtel Magique art prints are printed in the Netherlands on 250 and 300 gsm FSC and PEFC-certified paper Biotop paper. 

Growing up in pottery studio, Elise Eales has always gravitated to tactile objects that are a part of everyday routines.

Having spent a lot of time in Italy, she is particularly influenced by Italian ceramics and imagines with every meal a celebration they have been used for.
Whether a platter is only removed from the wall for special occasions like Ferragusto or used daily for il pranzo (lunch), it’s the idea of coming together over a shared ritual and leaving feeling fulfilled by the beauty of it all. 


Artist and print designer Milou Neelen built a brand around the name Hotel Magique founded on her love for exploring new worlds and hopping hotels along the way. 

Is it a hotel? Nope, sorry. Is it magique? Hell yeah! Turning the fleeting moments of travel into timeless art and magique hotel souvenirs. Send magique with greeting cards, or bring magique into your home with our art prints. TOUT EST MAGIQUE

This print forms part of the Limited Edition 'Call for Artists' series by Hotel Magique. 

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