Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars

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Lefkada 2019.

A curve of colourful beach umbrellas line the shore on a breathtaking Greek island, the muted tones give us a sense of nostalgia and leave us pining for summer adventures and foreign lands. 

Akila Berjaoui's photographs epitomise summer memories, often harking back to the 1950s, ’60s, ’70s and ’80s with their soft colours and joie de vivre. As a female photographer, Akila draws out her female subjects with a sense of kinship, rather than voyeurism.

Akila shoots on film using a range of analog cameras, a highly sought after fashion photographer, she takes us to an array of beautiful destinations and breathes sunshine onto our walls.

Limited Edition of 30.

Hand signed.

Print size 50 x 75cm

*This image was captured on film. So expect some images to contain graininess, imperfections, low light and light leaks. This is the true nature and essence of film photography. 

The print comes with an additional even 7cm white border surrounding the entire print.

The print is unframed and will be shipped / delivered rolled into a tube. 

Should you wish to purchase the print framed (white wood frame & mount), Please enquire by e-mail

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